Important Considerations: Travel Insurance

Buying travel insurance is a lot similar to buying something that you really need – you have to pay attention to what you’re buying and what you’re getting. You can’t afford to be paying for something that ends up giving you too little, right? And so, if right now you’re considering going on a trip abroad (using your Ctrip Chinese New Year promotion code, of course), and you’ve already bought your trip necessities using your AliExpress coupon and promo codes, then you might want to backtrack a little and think about travel insurance, instead. As you can see on the internet and TV programs, traveling abroad is not that safe if it's your first time. Sure you can get a mastercard promo and secures your travel budget, but you still don't have an insurance that will protect you while on the trip.

Some Things to Consider for Travel Insurance

The first thing you need to consider for travel insurance is the extent of your coverage. Just like getting a "10 jaar premie zorgverzekering" or 10 years premium health insurance, you also need to apply for travel insurance. What exactly are you protected for and protected from? Does it cover the more basic things like a possible cancellation? Or lost luggage? What about your medical needs when you’re abroad? These are questions you really need to take seriously and answer accordingly. If the insurance being offered offers you very limited protection, then look for insurance somewhere else.

Second thing you need to settle is payout time and requirements. Do they make the whole application process easy? Or is it even more difficult than the most traumatic maths test you’ve ever had to take? Also, do your research on the process of making claims, and try to see if it’s easy or difficult as well.

Third, determine the amount of your premium. Usually, the amount of premium determines the coverage that you’ll be getting. So, the more expensive the premium, the wider your coverage, too. But always remember that the question of premium also goes hand in hand with the question of budget. How much can you afford to pay for travel insurance?

Fourth, try to see if the travel 

insurance being offered gives you possibilities for upgrade. There are instances when you realize your coverage is not as far-reaching as you would like it to be; thus you would like an upgrade. If this is possible in the travel insurance being offered then that’s actually a good thing.