Travel Insurance: Things to Remember to Not Do

If there are things which you must remember to do when purchasing travel insurance, there are also a few things which you must remember to not do. In short, these are things which you must never do, when applying for travel insurance. Never doing them would assure you of a smoother process of application and claiming.

The first thing you must never do is to underestimate the value of travel insurance. You’ve probably met some people who said it was not important. Well, these people are obviously wrong. Sooner or later in the midst of all the hustle and bustle of your holiday vacation or sightseeing trips, you are bound to experience or encounter some untoward incident, and this is the time when travel insurance is sure to come in handy and useful. If you plan to take a trip to see the amsterdam architectuur and design, you have to prepare some things you need before traveling.

Second, do not even think of withholding significant medical information upon application. Always remember to tell the truth about your medical conditions. If there are existing ones, declare them, so that your plan and policy may be designed according to your correct state of health. This is important because upon claiming, the company needs to know if your condition is pre-existing or if it was really caused by your stay in that new country. A pre-existing condition will less likely be honored for insurance claims.

Third, you must never ignore the fine print in your policy agreements. Know what you’re getting yourself into, know what you’re signing up for. When you plan on purchasing a policy, make sure to read all the Terms & Conditions properly to know what events and things are covered under your insurance policy and also learn of all the exclusions so there’s no confusions and disappointments when you make a claim and it ends up rejected.

Getting Ready for Your Trip

Now that you’ve mastered the art of travel insurance (or the science of it, probably), you can finally move on to the more practical side of really purchasing and booking your accommodations.  Most people plan their vacation to match a very significant events - a wedding anniversary, birthdays, and honemoon (for newly weds).  In planning ahead, you ca make sure that to be wise enough to get good deals and offers. (Here are a few suggested keywords for your ready reference: ‘Klook promo code Disneyland Hong Kong’, aliexpress coupon for your anniversary, ‘Ctrip Chinese New Year promotion code’.) Have fun in your trip